Search Engine Optimisation can help imptove the ranking of your website in search engine results

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is the art & craft of helping your site appear high up the listings when searches are carried out on Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.

It’s no longer enough to build a website & expect other sites to link to it, search engines to index it and searchers to find it. Search engines such as Google are now very focussed on delivering quality search results (known as SERPS – Search Engine Results Page) and they have many different factors that they look at to determine how high your site should appear in the search rankings.

Our Search Engine Optimisation service looks at how your site is perceived by the search engines and aims to portray your site (and by implication, your brand and your Company) in the best possible light through on & off-page optimisation with packages to suit every budget & situation.

SEO campaigns to drive traffic to your website

We cover both OnPage Optimisation where we make subtle changes to an existing website to ensure that it’s viewed in the best possible light when indexed by the search engines and OffPage Optimisation which is all about increasing your site visibility to the wider Internet Community.

OnPage Optimisation is generally a one-off exercise that sets the foundations for good SERPS visibility. Often it’s about making small adjustments to text and behind-the-scenes code to help signal to the visiting search engines what we want them to index. We can offer this as a standalone service, as the initial phase of ongoing SEO or even omit it entirely if you wish our efforts to be solely offpage. (For example, you may have an existing web designer who you don’t wish to offend. That’s not a problem, at The Duncan Reid Consultancy we understand how many sites have evolved with their businesses and become emotionally linked. We’re equally happy to provide a list of small changes for your web developer to implement on your behalf if you wish to keep them involved with the project or if you’d simply rather not release your website access codes to us.)

OffPage optimisation is where the bulk of the effort is generally spent. Whilst on-page changes are a one-off at the start of the optimisation project, to boost – and maintain – a good organic listing requires ongoing work throughout the Internet, basically activity that leaves ‘signposts’ pointing back to your site. The trick is to do this in an ethical manner that adds long term quality – search engines love quality & relevance and we want that to rub off on you!

Top Tip: Beware of any SEO Organisation that promises ‘Number 1 at Google’. No reputable company will promise this as there’s so many variables involved. It’s easy to rank well for searches when the search term isn’t realistic and this is a giveaway that the organisation is more interested in the hard sell than delivering long-term quality. Likewise many overseas firms offer cheap link-building services (a crucial part of off-page SEO). However they do it in ways that will give a short term boost but ultimately lead to your site actually being penalised by the Search Engines.

With time & effort though, it should certainly be possible to get your site onto the first page of results. We can advise on how much effort your chosen keywords will require. Achieving good rankings when someone searches for a specific term such as “painter in Crosby” is always going to take much less effort than an ultra-competitive search term like “cheap insurance” for example.

Indeed, good keyword selection is one of the important areas we’ll discuss with you before starting anything else! After all, it’s not just about achieving vanity rankings, we want to drive useful, quality traffic to your website that then convcerts into enquiries and orders and it’s often worth looking at the more unconventional approaches.

As you might imagine, effective SEO campaigns are a mixture of short & longterm factors and we use a myriad of techniques from link building (but did you know that most of those reciprocal link spam emails you receive are pointless? That type of linkbuilding can even lead to your site being demoted!), PR releases, article writing (we only use native English speakers with experience in technical journalism), Social Media interaction, blogging and much more. Every project is unique and we’ll fit our service to best match your business, your requirements, your objectives, your corporate style, your budget and your timeframe.

To have the most effect, SEO should be regarded as a long term activity (those Search Engines love to see ongoing activity) so 6 months at £300/month is actually more effective generally than a single £1800 ‘push’ but naturally, we’ll aim to provide the best results to fit your needs and even a one-off short-term campaign can still make a dramatic difference to your website activity.

We only employ ethical SEO techniques to ensure that your site continues to reap the benefits year after year, growing steadily & organically.

Our main source of new clients has always been personal recommendation and advertising seemed to be costing us a small fortune for little benefit.  So in 2009, Millins made a decision to discontinue traditional newspaper/magazine advertising.  This was a good decision.  But as the credit crunch hit, like all SMEs we lost some clients as their businesses sadly folded.  We needed a new way of finding new clients.  This is where Duncan came in.  Duncan reviewed our website, told us a few harsh truths about our then current site, and explained how to make your website work for you. He rebuilt our site, spent considerable time moving it up the search engine rankings and hey presto! We are now consistently getting New Business enquiries from all over the UK – thanks to the monthly routine SEO work that he now does for us.  And all for a fraction of the cost of our pre 2009 advertising budget. Thanks Dunc.
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