Website Updates

Website design & amendments by clickSCR

Most businesses have long since made sure they’ve got at least a basic website online, for most new startups it’s one of the first things they think about but as time goes on, it’s inevitable that you’ll want to make changes to your website.

Perhaps your opening hours have changed, you want to add more information about a product or you’ve spotted an old spelling mistake!

Perhaps you wrote the site yourself but no longer have the time, or you’ve lost touch with the original developer. But whatever the situation, we’ll be glad to take over the maintenance on your site – or even give it a complete overhaul if you want.

 We’re happy to help with even the smallest of changes to your site so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Typical changes we’re asked to make include:

  • Adding new pages to the website.
  • Updating a photograph.
  • Correcting any original errors or spelling mistakes.
  • Altering website text (perhaps you want prices changing or some information changing).
  • Adding a photo gallery to your site.
  • Adding a blog, either as a page within your site or arranging links to a standalone blogsite.
  • Adding links to your Social Media identities on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.
  • Altering contact forms.
  • Replacing logos with updated versions

…and much more, from the simple to the complex – we’re glad to help.


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